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Treating Patients as People: The Advanced Difference

Treating Patients as People: The Advanced Difference

When a clinic is patient-centric and actually walks the talk, you can really tell the difference. There are so many specialist clinics out there that have failed to understand the importance of focussing on the patient in addition to providing the top-level care that they require. When a clinic cares more about the science and technique than the patient, they lose sight of what it means to help patients regain their quality of life.

Dr. Yaser Metwally has been working for nearly two decades in the Rogue Valley at Advanced Joint Replacement Center to restore a balance between a focus on patients and providing the highest level of orthopedic care for all who enter his office. “The main difference is that our practice is patient-centric, while others are surgeon-centric,” he explains. “Our office provides them with a genuine interest and we spend whatever time is needed to have them understand their disease and answer all questions before they leave our office.”

Patients may not always understand thick medical jargon, but they know quality care when they see it. “I have many patients tell me that they come to my office because they felt that they have not been heard by other surgeons or providers regarding their problems and issues,” Dr. Metwally says. “They find that our office has a genuine interest in them as individuals, their story and provide them with a personalized approach to their care from the moment they call for an appointment.”

A focus on patients doesn’t mean a lack of emphasis on high-quality care, however. On the contrary, Dr. Metwally’s patient focus means he is extra-engaged with keeping up with the latest advancements in orthopedic health in order to benefit his patients. “We provide services that other practices do not,” including regenerative medicine and minimally-invasive direct anterior hip replacement surgery. He makes use of a Stryker Mako robotic arm for surgical procedures including total and partial knee, allowing for the precision and the most safety possible you get with computer- and robot-aided surgery.

With such a wide range of treatment options available at his office, how are patients supposed to navigate their way through medical jargon and facts and figures when they just want to get better? Dr. Metwally answers: “We relay information through comprehensive consultation in the office. We provide every effort to have them understand their disease, provide them with treatment options and help them decide on the option of treatment that suits them the best.” He believes that a wide range of top-quality treatments on offer helps patients by ensuring that there is something for everyone at his clinic.

At Advanced Joint Replacement Center, Dr. Metwally believes that the future of orthopedics and regenerative medicine in particular is bright. He plans to take his philosophy of patient-centric education to the next by raising awareness of the benefits of lesser-known but highly effective treatments including regenerative medicine and the direct anterior hip surgery. “I want them to feel the professionalism and care and personalized experience when coming to our clinic. In most clinics, the patient is a number. At my clinic, I give each patient my cell number.”

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