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Treating Knees with Regenerative Medicine

It may seem like science fiction, but a world where you can treat knee conditions without the use of surgery and harnessing the body’s own healing abilities is already here! Thanks to advances in medical science, your health can be improved with less pain, shorter…

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Is Direct Anterior Approach Right for You?

Hip replacement can often mean an intensive undertaking. The traditional procedure involves an incision on the rear of the hip and detaching muscles and tendons from the hip joint, which can lead to pain and an increased recovery time that can last months. However, modern…

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Can Stem Cells Really Help My Hip?

Regenerative medicine is an exciting field of medicine that works by making use of your body’s own healing abilities to treat what might ordinarily have required a hospital visit and surgery. While surgery will always have a place in medicine, there are some conditions that…

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What to Do Before Seeing a Doctor for Hip Pain

If you are feeling pain in your hip, a doctor’s visit is likely a good idea. But while it’s always encouraged to seek a professional medical help for serious pain, there are still things you can do at home to identify and relieve pain without visiting…

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Do You Need a Knee Replacement?

One of the more common complaints of getting older is that joints don’t work as well as they used to. When this occurs in the knee, this can spell serious trouble: pain, becoming chair-bound, and losing the ability to take care of yourself. This loss…

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