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When Should You See an Orthopedic Doctor?

An orthopedic specialist is a medical professional who primarily deals with conditions involving your muscles, joints, and bones. Of course, orthopaedic doctors are not the only physicians trained to help you with your musculoskeletal needs, as other specialists including neurologists, physical therapists, rehabilitation doctors, and…

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Is Hip Surgery the Approach for You?

Every year, thousands if not millions of Americans suffer from hip problems and are searching for some sort of relief. Many are turned off by the prospect of surgery because of the horror stories and the long recovery times. However, recent developments in hip surgery…

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Preparing for Replacement Surgery

If you have decided to take the ‘step’ towards getting your hip or knees replaced, congratulations! However, surgery is a serious undertaking that can take a toll on you if you don’t do it right. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your…

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Is a Partial Knee Replacement Right for Me?

Most knee joint problems are due to the cartilage wearing away in the knee. Cartilage helps absorb the shock as a result of movement in joints. Without it, bones would be scraping against each other, causing inflammation, pain, and stiffness. Movement is severely restricted as…

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Treating Patients as People: The Advanced Difference

When a clinic is patient-centric and actually walks the talk, you can really tell the difference. There are so many specialist clinics out there that have failed to understand the importance of focussing on the patient in addition to providing the top-level care that they…

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